I've been converted. As much as I love the standard lipstick bullet, liquid lipsticks are a new favourite. In particular, the Kat Von D Everlasting ones are so good that I went back to buy a second shade a day after trying the first. I picked these up in Sephora while in New York earlier this year and I love them.

The first shade I picked up was Underage Red. I only owned one red lip colour at the time, (Mac Russian Red which I love) so decided to get one in a different formula as I was loving red lips. It's a pretty bold red and the formula is very matte and opaque, but not drying and easy to apply. I also love the tattoo-style illustration on the packaging. 

After trying Underage Red I immediately loved it and went back to see what other shades caught my eye. I saw Vampira, and in the tube it doesn't look like much - almost a browny red. However as a lover of dark lips I gave it a swatch and it immediately made me want it. It's the perfect vampy red which has the smallest hint of purple. 

I like to apply this quite thinly as I found when applied thickly, it can become quite heavy and uncomfortable on the lips after a few hours. But I've sussed it, and having a lighter layer (after getting rid of excess before applying) still gives the opaque colour which is long-lasting and more comfortable to wear.

I've now got my eye on the bright purple shade in the range, have you tried these?


Last year I posted two wishlists before I went to New York with my family. The beauty shopping was well and truly done, and even though it was a few months ago I may post a haul of what I ended up buying from the wishlists, and my thoughts on them after using them. It was an insane experience as my first time in New York and I enjoyed being a proper tourist for a week. I was constantly in awe of everything and I would love to return, (demonstrated on my instagram with one too many #throwbackthursday posts...)

Throughout the trip I took a lot of photographs. Some of family, the expected touristy photos and way too many selfies, and those I'll spare you of. But here I've shared my favourite photos of the bunch, which I took with the intention to possibly consider for my A Level course or just capture the city as I saw it.

Street photography is the obvious theme, and I liked focussing on street signs and the traffic lights. I wanted to capture New York as a city and the whole overwhelming atmosphere felt by tourists, mixed with the individual, normal lives of those who live there.

I also took some light trail photos but they didn't suit this post, so I may include them in a future post.

Here's to more photography posts!


Its been a while...

The reason the last post was from December 2014 is because exams happened. I've recently sat my AS Level exams in Photography, English Language, Geography and Sociology but now that I'm (almost) work-free for the summer I've decided to devote some of my free time to revamping this blog. 
I plan to write and post whatever I fancy. I want to share some of my favourite photography projects as well as the random babble of my thoughts in some opinion writing or response pieces. Journalism is one of my options for university so this is a way to have a bit of practise as well as just have some fun.
Of course my love affair with make-up and clothes is still going strong so I'll share some stuff that I think is worth sharing too - the lipstick obsession never dies.

So that's what's been going on and what is to follow.