guest post // favourite lip balms

Hello! Today I will be guest-posting on Laura's blog and I will be writing a post on 2 lip balms. I love lip balm and I have previously tried a number of different lip balms. There are so many different lip balms available in stores it can be hard to choose the best ones.

Carmex is my absolute favourite lip balm to use. This is such a great product as it really does make a change. It can help with dry lips, cold sores, rough skin and protection against the sun. When you use this lip balm, it gives you a tingling feeling whilst it hydrates your lips. This lip balm is available in different ways. In a tube, which you apply directly onto your lips and also in a container, where you yse your finger to apply. 
I would recommend this is anyone!!

More recently, I have ordered a lip balm called EOS which is mainly known over in America. I wanted to try this lip balm because they use natural conditioning oils and antioxidant vitamins. I have the pomegranate raspberry flavour and it tastes SO nice. Ok, so it's not about the taste but that is a bonus. 

Both lip balms are really good and I would recommend them both. EOS is now available to buy in the UK so you do not have to wait for the shipping time, but it does mean it costs a bit more than other lip balms available. Carmex on the other hand is available in most shops like Superdrug and Boots for about £2. 

I love trying new lip balms so if anyone has any recommendations, leave a comment or email me: I would love to hear from you! 

Thank you for reading and thank you to Laura for collaborating with me, it's been great!

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Thankyou to Bethan for guest posting! Read my guest post over on her blog here, where I'm talking Mac Lipstick Dupes!

college bag contents

I've recently started my A Level courses at a sixth-form college and thought I'd share what I carry around with me. A slightly overdue What's In My School Bag?...

Bag // My bag (top left) is a black and white backpack from Topshop, which I bought last year from ASOS Marketplace and I love it. It can fit so much in and goes with everything.

Stationary // I have some stuff from my recent stationary haul in my bag, including the 5 Subject Notebook from Tiger, which I use everyday to write notes, as well as my smaller, geometric pattern notebook from Homesense. A pencil case is obviously a must, filled with pens, pencils and highlighters - mine is from H&M.

Beauty // I take a small makeup bag to school for touch-ups once or twice throughout the day, I tend to take a mattifying powder (Maybelline Matte Maker) and face brush (e.l.f. Complexion Brush) , a concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection), eyeliner (Rimmel Scanaleyes Master Precise), compact mirror, and the lip colour I'm wearing that day, I also take a small purse with essentials like hand sanitiser, paracetamol for the occasional headache, plasters, and hand-cream. I also bring some scrunchies and hair-clips incase I'm feeling a mid-day hairstyle change...rare but potential. Lastly for beauty, a deodorant (for obvious reasons), and a small Benefit perfume.

Other bits // I wear glasses for long-distance reading, and mine are THE SMA from Cheap Monday. I also carry my purse which contains money and my student ID, and lastly, my earphones. I also forgot to include my phone - which is a white iPhone 5c - and my house keys in the photo.

So there's a snoop into my college bag. 
Are you back at school/college/uni? What do you carry around?

bronzers // haves & wants

bronzers are probably my second favourite type of product (no prizes for guessing that lipstick is my first favourite) and so I thought I'd share my small collection and thoughts on them, as well as the ones on my wishlist to try!
maybelline dream sun | i was given this by a friend who didn't use it much, and after wanting to try it for quite a while anyway, i was chuffed. unfortunately it has broken, but it originally has two or three shades in it. I find it a really nice pigmentation and colour, and it has a tiny bit of shimmer in which I don't mind,

sleek face form in light | this is one of the oldest of the bunch, and clearly, most used. Even though my skin tone probably wouldn't be described as 'light', I find this a really nice contour and bronze shade. Its really nice to blend and is a matte finish.

benefit hoola | i have a sample size of this which I received at christmas and still have quite a lot left. I really love this for contouring as it blends so effortlessly to give a really natural finish. Once I finish the sample size I'll definitely be investing in the full size!

mua bronzer | I had a bit of a phase with MUA once I discovered the high quality for an amazingly cheap price. I bought this bronzer for £1 and it's really nice pigmentation and quality, yet has quite a lot of shimmer so I never use a highlighter with it.

e.l.f. contouring blush and bronzer  in st. lucia | this is the newest edition to my collection and really love the tone and shade of the bronzer. It has a small bit of shimmer which I find really subtle and flattering. If you haven't read my full review of this product you can read it here!

bobbi brown bronzing powder // I've never tried anything from Bobbi Brown and the bronzing powder looks like a good placve to start, as it's raved about alot..looks gorgeous.

l'oreal glam bronze // a drugstore favourite which I'd like to try, as it's rare to find a fully-matte bronzer on the high-street,

estee lauder bronze goddess // a classic which everyone seems to love...i neeeed it.

the body shop honey bronzer // one which is very popular in the blogging/vlogging world, but I've heard this is better for fairer skinned gals.

nars laguna // the classic, the famous nars laguna, which about everyone and their dog loves...the price tag hurts to think about mind you...

chanel soleil tan de chanel // the only cream bronzer on my wishlist, as quite frankly, they scare me. I've never used one but this one from chanel is hyped up alot and i'd love to give it a try!

What bronzers are in your collection, and what ones are on your wishlist?

essence cosmetics

I don't have a Wilkinson store near me, so a few weeks back when I was in Norfolk, I came across one and immediately went to the Essence counter. As far as I know, they've only just came over to the UK and are sold exclusively in Wilkinson's stores so I was excited to try some products. I hadn't previously read much about them, so just picked up what I liked the look of, and being on a 3for2 offer, these three products cost me less than £6 all together.

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in 06 Soft Nude // I don't own many glosses as I'm much of of a lipstick addict, but seeing the 'matte effect' sticker on a few shades, I really wanted to pick one up. I went for NAME, a dark pinky nude which I really like. The formula is quite nice, and the colour pay-off is good, with a matt finish as it promises. The only thing I'm not too keen on it the applicator's odd, long shape, and the staying power isn't great. But for less than £3, I like it as a subtle, moisturising lip colour.

Essence Kajal Pencil Liner in 15 Behind The Scenes // I've been on the hunt for a grey/taupe pencil for quite a while so decided to try an Essence one, which I believe was only about £1.I really like this on the outer-lower lash-line and the pigmentation is really nice.

Essence 3D Eyeshadow in 09 Irresistible Chocolate  // finally, I really liked the look of the dual eyeshadows they had on offer, so I picked one up in Irresistible Chocolat. The pigmentation is really nice and the two shades give a really nice smokey look to the eyes when used together. Yet, I think it'd be better if one of the shades was matte, as both are quite shimmery and they can look quite full-on.

Overall I'm impressed with what I've tried from Essence Cosmetics!
What have you tried from the brand? Any recommendations?