I've never really been a fan of tattoos. I've been brought up to think they're tacky and 'imagine how they'll look when you're all old and wrinkly'. They've never really been of interest to me, on others and definitely not on me. My parents don't have, and have never liked tattoos so I guess that's where I got my initial perception from.

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But I've decided I want tattoos, and I'm actually going for a consultation next week. I don't  want to be covered, it wouldn't suit me at all. Small/medium ones. Or big ones, but just one or two. I think the change of heart is due to a few things.

My change in taste and style over time. In school I was all about the pretty/girly style; the polka dots, bright colours and endless Cath Kidston-style prints. I used to think wearing a plain top looked boring, but now it's what I love. I also wouldn't dream of wearing all-black outfits. How boring, bring out the mint green polka-dot. I now see simplicity in style something which can be exciting by how you pair it with things and wear it, adapting it to your own tastes and style. I've learnt a good few basic pieces are essential, and just easy to wear. I blame my change in style on my age, and things around me like my peers, and it may sound odd, but largely the internet. Social media, and being introduced to the blogging world has given me inspiration to just wear it if I like it.

Now, instead of seeing tattoos as tacky or distasteful like when I was younger, I see them as works of art which explicitly express your tastes, loves and interests.  I've been looking at simple, outline tattoos of things I think I won't get bored of. Roses are a cliché design for a female but I love them. I've found so much inspiration from Instagram accounts and done a ton of research for nearby tattoo artists who's work I love.

I've landed on a simple line tattoo of a rose, which I hope for the artist to maybe tweak into his own style and incorporate a bit of dotwork as I absolutely adore it. I plan on getting it done on my side/ribs, yes risky as it's supposed to be a painful area but it's not going to be very big.

So yeah, there's just my recent thoughts on tattoos blurted onto the internet. I want to know other's view on or hate them? have them? don't want or want them?

Have a look at my Tattoo pinterest board here and the specific ideas for my first on this

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