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Hello! Today I will be guest-posting on Laura's blog and I will be writing a post on 2 lip balms. I love lip balm and I have previously tried a number of different lip balms. There are so many different lip balms available in stores it can be hard to choose the best ones.

Carmex is my absolute favourite lip balm to use. This is such a great product as it really does make a change. It can help with dry lips, cold sores, rough skin and protection against the sun. When you use this lip balm, it gives you a tingling feeling whilst it hydrates your lips. This lip balm is available in different ways. In a tube, which you apply directly onto your lips and also in a container, where you yse your finger to apply. 
I would recommend this is anyone!!

More recently, I have ordered a lip balm called EOS which is mainly known over in America. I wanted to try this lip balm because they use natural conditioning oils and antioxidant vitamins. I have the pomegranate raspberry flavour and it tastes SO nice. Ok, so it's not about the taste but that is a bonus. 

Both lip balms are really good and I would recommend them both. EOS is now available to buy in the UK so you do not have to wait for the shipping time, but it does mean it costs a bit more than other lip balms available. Carmex on the other hand is available in most shops like Superdrug and Boots for about £2. 

I love trying new lip balms so if anyone has any recommendations, leave a comment or email me: I would love to hear from you! 

Thank you for reading and thank you to Laura for collaborating with me, it's been great!

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Thankyou to Bethan for guest posting! Read my guest post over on her blog here, where I'm talking Mac Lipstick Dupes!

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