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Welcome to my self-titled blog, which I thought I'd tell you (there probably isn't many of 'you' at this point haha...with time, with time!) a bit about...

My name is Laura, I am sixteen years old and live in the UK. I am heavily inspired by bloggers and after a year on a collab blog Hooked On Beauty, I've decided to set up a little space on the internet of my own. I'll still be posting on there occasionally, but this blog is my new project which will receive the most love! (posts from my friends will still be going up so definitely give it a follow!)

As this is all new, I thought I'd give you the run-down on me, and this new blog...

- I love all kinds of make-up and have a shameless growing collection...I blame the beauty community of blogs and youtube entirely haha!

- I also love fashion and style - anything mint green with lace is immediately grabbed, bought and worn...that also goes for floaty shirts and white converse.

-I post way too many pointless selfies and pictures on Instagram, (which you can follow here...sneaky plug)

-Commercial dance is one of my hobbies, and my real, deep-down ambition is to be a ballet dancer but I've accepted I'm definitely no-where-near graceful enough haha!

-I have a guilty pleasure for Mcfly and have been a fan since I was about shame

-I have a really sweet tooth...sugary sweets, berries and fizzy drinks are kind-of the best foods ever.

-I'm about to start my first year of college/sixth form to study Sociology, Geography, English Language and Photography...and hoping to go into a career of journalism in the beauty and fashion department...maybe...who knows?!

-I'm terrible at saving money...every pay-day I make a list of all the over-priced make-up items I want to buy, and tell myself I'll save next month...

So there were some random and probably un-necessary facts...if you're still with me I'm hoping you're interested in following me on this new project, where I'll be posting beauty, fashion and the occasional rambly post (kind of like this...), on a weekly basis.

Who's with me?
Watch this space...


  1. Loved your introduction, you seem so much more grown up than 16, look forward to seeing more posts :)

    Frankie Boo Blog