e.l.f. cosmetics haul

e.l.f. is a brand I've always wanted to order a lot of products from but never really got round to it. I have ordered before and was quite impressed but since then I'd added a lot to my wishlist. I finally ordered some products and thought I would show you what I bought!...

e.l.f. eyelid primer // I'd heard so many rave reviews about this eyelid primer and knew I had to try it! After using both this, and the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I can say this does the job exactly the same, just for a fraction of the price. I used it for the first time last week under my eyeshadow and it stayed put all day despite the humid weather.

e.l.f. high definition powder // I had initially wanted the HD undereye setting powder by e.l.f. as I'd previously owned it and absolutely loved it, but it wasn't on the website anymore so I opted for the bigger size, and figured it would do the same thing, as well being suitable for the whole face. I mostly use this to set under-eye concealer because it always creases on me, and it works amazingly.

e.l.f. powder brush // I was so excited to try this out, but my first few uses left me disappointed...after trying with powder and liquid foundation, it applied it well and evenly but the bristles were left on my face after a large section shed and completely came off the brush. I don't know if they're all like this as I've read a lot of rave reviews...maybe it's just mine? (sad face :()

e.l.f. studio eyebrow kit in light // you'll soon find out I'm obsessed with eyebrows and so I had to try the eyebrow kit out, and it hasn't disappointed! It comes with a gel and a powder and I find this is a good match for my brows, is long-lasting and easy to work with. 

e.l.f. studio glossy gloss in merry cherry // this was originally ordered for my mum, but it turned out to be a lot brighter than she expected so she gave it to me. I've never really been a lip-gloss person, but this is so lovely. The colour pay-off is great, it feels really moisturising and it isn;t sticky at all....I want to try more glosses now!

e.l.f. professional blending eye brush // this is a standard blending brush and works really well, and is really good value for money. Plus, this one didn't shed - yay!

e.l.f. contouring blush & bronzing powder in st. lucia // I was SO excited to try this, as I love contouring and am always on the hunt for new products. The bronzing powder is a really nice shade with a subtle shimmer, and despite not really being a blush-lover, this is a really gorgeous natural shade, and works well as a gentle highlight also. 

e.l.f. brush shampoo // the only product I am yet to try is the brush shampoo....because I'm lazy and brush cleaning is a chore...but I'll report back with my thoughts when I get round to using it haha!

So that was everything from my e.l.f. order, and overall I'm super impressed!

What are your favourite e.l.f. products? Let me know your recommendations for my next order!


  1. Ah I've never tried e.l.f before but I have heard so many good things, I think I need to buy something! Maybe I'll try the eyelid primer as it sounds pretty good from what you have written!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. its definitely worth a try! the eyelid primer is so good, i used it today and spent the whole day in london, and my eyeshadow stayed put all day! thankyou for your comment:) xx